Moozhikulam Temple

The Moozhikulam Temple is also known as the Lakshaman Temple or The Thirumoozhikulam Sree Lakshmana Perumal Temple. It is located in Thirumoozhikulam (Moozhikkulam) in the district of Ernakulam in Kerala state, India. It is located about 40 kilometers away from the town of Ernakulam. The location is well connected via road, rail and airway with close proximity of the Aluva Raiway Station, the Angamaly Railway station, the Cochin International Airport and the Nedumbassery airport. It is considered as one of the 108 Vishnu temples also known as Divya Desam. The name of the temple is derived from ‘Thirumozhi Kalam’; ‘Thiru Mozhi’ meaning ‘Sacred Words’ and ‘Kalam’ meaning place and was later known and referred to as ‘Thirumoozhikkulam’.

There is an interesting mythological story behind the name. Before the beginning of the Kali Yuga, a Maharshi named Hareetha practiced meditation on the banks of the River Poorna (also known as River Chalakudy, where Greengram wellness village is situated). Lord Mahavishnu was pleased by the dedication of Maharshi Hareetha and he appeared before him to give him some valuable advice to deal with the difficulties that people would face in the Kali Yuga. The sacred words, known as ‘Thiru Mozhi’ are the words that influenced the name of the temple. There is another story associated with the legends of the Ramayana. It is believed that when Rama and Lakshamana were in exile, their brother Bharata came to invite Rama to take over the throne and rule the kingdom. Lakshamana assumed foul play and thought it as an intention to kill Rama. Bharata, however successfully proved his innocence and the brothers together offered prayers at Thirumoozhikkalam and the name was derived from the phrase ‘tiru mozhi kalam’ meaning the place where sweet words are spoken. The river, River Periyar, on the banks of which Sage Hareetha practised meditation also flows through Green Gram Wellness Village but in a reverse direction sanctifying the land around Green Gram Wellness Village.

The tranquil temple complex displays inscriptions from the 11th century CE. The temple is given a superior status compared to other local temples. Believers come to offer their prayers as it is strongly believed that the deity is kind to those who are suffering and fulfils all their wishes. The temple complex is divided in different sections. The complex entrance is through the eastern side and the worshippers first offer their prayers to Lord Lakshamana followed by Lord Ganapathy, Shiva and other gods in the direction of the pradikshina and come back again to where the idol of Lord Lakshamana is situated. They then offer prayers to Ayyappa, Bhagavathy and Krishna before they exit the complex.

Guests can also explore many more location around Moozhikulam Temple and Green Gram Wellness Village. Some of them are the Kochi Fort, Kodungallur Devi Temple, Guruvayur Temple, Chottanikkara Temple, Athirappilly, Thriprayar Temple, Koodalmanikyam Temple, Thattekad bird sanctuary, Periyar National park (a famous park to trek), Cherai Beach, Kaprikkad Elephant Camp etc.

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