Kerala Vaidyashala Pvt. Ltd. (I)

A Company established in 1989
Expertise in Ayurveda Segment since 3 decades
Knowledge & Understanding of integrities of Ayurveda Industry.
Pioneer in Day Care Centres – operated over 50 Day care centers for more than 15 years.
Serving major Brands in industry.


The Indian Economy is growing within which Wellness Sector is growing by 35 % CAGR.
High Potential in Health Tourism area
Based on our extensive Research – Vertical Models Profitable

Expansion program

1 ) Full fledged state of art medicine factory
2 ) A complete Ayurvedic hospital in Mnajeri-Malapuram district-Kerala
3 ) General medi-clinic in all major Kerala town- 15 numbers
4 ) women & child clinic across Kerala town -15 nos
5 ) Any time doctor & tele medicine in Kerala , across South India & India
6 ) Naturopathy & Yogas centres- 10 nos etc

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